Queen Village’s New Mural

Queen Village artist Conrad Booker has proposed for the creation of a new major artistic mural for the wall on the Fulton Street side wall of 770 S. 4th Street.  Booker is well known for his other public works of art including the butterfly installations at Headhouse Square and Fabic Row.

Booker’s new mural is titled “Harmony and the Windows of Curiosities,” in honor that Fulton Street was once named Harmony Street in the 19th century.  The mural features an 1856 map of Queen Village and has butterflies emerging from the African-American cemetery which is now Weccacoe Playground.

This mural will be a big improvement to the block.  The site is currently in terrible shape and is a magnet for multiple crimes.  It has experienced large amounts of litter, dumping, graffiti, and public urination as well as narcotics abuse and assault.  It is hoped that the creation of this mural will deter this type of behavior from continuing.

The Queen Village Neighborhood Association is currently taking donations to help raise money for the mural.  The total cost is approximately $13,000.  They also held a Garage Sale were all the proceeds went towards the creation.

Queen Village has a number of other beautiful murals in their neighborhood. Some murals you can find are Peace Through Imagination by Paul Santoleri with mosaics by Beth Clevenstine, located at 4th & Monroe; Fabric Row by Andrew Lyon, located at 4th & Fitzwater St; and Summer- The Meeting by David Ginn, located at Mario Lanza Park.

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