5 Tips to Sell Your Home this Spring

Philadelphia in Spring

Getting ready to sell your home this Spring? Usually the most popular season for selling a home, Spring means that they’ll be a ton of properties competing for a small number of buyers. So how do you make your home stand out from the crowd? Sure, you can stick a sign in the front lawn, but what else can you do? Here’s my 5 expert tips for making your home stand out- And if you’d like to learn more about selling your home, email me: mickey@themickeygroup.com

  • Get Online ASAP: Did you know that 80% of home buyers first start their search online? Nowadays, you need to be on websites like Zillow and Trulia if you want to sell your home. Just to give you an idea, the Mickey Group utilizes Market Leader proprietary technology that automatically sends it’s listing to nearly 50 real estate websites.

  • Old Fashioned Direct Mail: Emails are cold and impersonal (and are usually ignored). If you want to get your home out there, try a classic direct mail approach. My team has frequently used unique direct mail campaigns with custom printed envelopes, and sent them to targeted lists that may be interested in buying a home.

  • Throw in Extras: Once you get a buyer in the door, try tossing in a few extras to seal the deal. For instance, leave behind the washer and dryer- It can be a pain to haul them away, plus it may just be the clincher to get that buyer off the fence!

  • Curb Appeal: You need a “For Sale” sign but that’s not enough. After they see the sign, they have to want to see the rest of the home. And if your front yard is shabby, there’s no way they’ll want to check out the interior. With Spring coming up, get lots of greenery, clean the windows and consider repainting the front door.

  • Social Media: Facebook isn’t just for Farmville! If you’re selling a home, you need to talk about it on social media. Think about it- The average person has over 100 connections on Facebook. Now if you consider that your 100 friends all have 100 friends, isn’t possible that out of those 10,000 people one of them may be looking to buy a home? Post pictures, information and details about your home on social to really get the word out.

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