Philadelphia Real Estate: Dos and Don’ts


So you’re ready to buy a home in Philadelphia. Now where do you start? If you’re like most people, you’re going to start online (in fact, 80% of all people start their Philadelphia real estate search online). But once you’ve made the decision to start searching, what do you do from there. That’s why I’ve outline for you these dos and don’ts of Philadelphia real estate:


  • Do: Know what you want before you search: Why waste your time looking at homes that don’t meet your criteria. It’s fun to check out the inventory, but before you start your search, understand what neighborhoods you like, the school districts, the walkability of the area etc. and the other factors that are important to you when choosing a home.
  • Don’t: Purchase a home without getting an inspection done yourself: Odds are the buyer is trustworthy, and maybe he did get an inspection done, but make sure you have one done yourself. You’ll spend a little more money obviously, but if you wind up avoiding a big issue you could save a great deal of money.
  • Do: Work with a real estate agent: I know what you’re saying, “Of course the real estate agent says we should work with an agent” but the fact remains, on average we’ve been able to save our clients more money when they work with us, as opposed to trying to buy on their own.
  • Do: See what special tax breaks and other discounts may be available from the government, or other programs: There’s usually something you can find that will help you save a little bit of cash when it comes time to buy. In fact, if you end up finding a good real estate agent in the first place, they’ll be able to let you know about any type of tax break available.

So there you have it- A few expert tips on Philadelphia real estate. If you’d like to learn more about buying a home, email me: or give me a call: 267-238-5713.

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