Best Places to Live in Philadelphia: Ranking the Neighborhoods Part 2

Yesterday I started ranking the best places to live in Philadelphia. In my experience as a Philadelphia realtor, I’ve found that those looking to move to the city are interested in roughly five different criteria: Culture, safety, walkability, nightlife and value, so I ranked a few popular neighborhoods on just those things, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best (you can check out the original article and a more in-depth explanation here). And as promised, I’m going to continue my rankings- today looking at the neighborhoods of Queen Village, Graduate Hospital and University City. But remember, the “best place to live” is subjective, and really depends on what you’re looking for in a property. If you’ve got some more questions about finding the best places to live in Philadelphia that meet your individual needs, please email me:

Queen Village


  • Culture: 9/10: Philadelphia’s first suburb has plenty of historical sites, galleries and exhibits, including the Magic Garden mosaic on South Street.
  • Safety: 7/10: Generally a safe neighborhood, although South Street can be a bit  seedy at times.
  • Walkability: 9/10: Supermarkets, pharmacy’s, restaurants and almost all other amenities are within walking distance. But access to the subway and regional rails are about ten blocks away.
  •  Nightlife: 10/10:Queen Village deserves a perfect score for its diversity. South Street is great for a rowdy weekend, but if you’re into something more low-key, there’s plenty of excellent restaurants and bars that could meet your needs.
  • Value: 7/10:  Although home values are amongst some of the highest in Philly, the neighborhood’s popularity means it would be tough to find a great deal compared to some other neighborhoods. Although there are plenty of affordable homes for sale in Queen Village.

Final Score:  8.4/10

Graduate Hospital

  • Culture: 6/10:  Graduate Hospital doesn’t have too many galleries or performing arts venues, but the neighborhood still gets a 6 thanks to the annual Odunde Festival and Blocktoberfest.
  • Safety: 6/10: While safer than some Philly neighborhoods, a lack of commercial activities means there’s some desolate streets at night.
  • Walkability: 8/10: Upenn students and young professionals love this neighborhood because of it’s easy access to Center City, Rittenhouse Square and University City.
  •  Nightlife: 6/10: Although it is home to a few of the best restaurants and bars in the city, commercial real estate hasn’t quite caught up with residential, leaving something to be desired in terms of nightlife.
  • Value: 10/10: It’s been Philly’s hot new neighborhood for some time now, but there’s still plenty of  affordable homes in Graduate Hospital. As more restaurants and bars come to the area, expect home values you to rise significantly in the coming years.

Final Score:  7.2/10

University City

  •  Culture: 10/10: Home to UPenn, Drexel and the University of Sciences in Philadelphia, University City has no shortage of on and off campus galleries, events, exhibits and venues.
  • Safety: 6/10:  Pretty typical of any urban neighborhood. Safe for the most part, but still necessary to be smart and pay attention.
  • Walkability: 9/10: University City is like its own little town, where you can get almost anything you need without crossing the Schuylkill. It’s also home to 30th street Station and the El has stops all along Market Street.
  • Nightlife: 6/10: UC in many ways is a college town. Although there’s plenty happening in terms of restaurants and bars, the neighborhood isn’t right for everyone.
  • Value:  7/10: With so many college students, there are plenty of renters. Home values have remained consistent but there are fewer long-term neighbors compared to other Philly neighborhoods.

Final Score:  7.6/10

So what do you think of my rankings? Let me know in the comments!

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