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Best Places to Live in Philadelphia: Ranking the Neighborhoods

One of the questions I hear most often as a Philly real estate agent is “what are the best places to live in Philadelphia?”. Obviously the question is subjective as one person’s idea of what makes a neighborhood “best” is absolutely wrong for another. But  if you’re looking to move to Philly, or any typical American city for that matter, you usually do so for a few different common factors. Most home buyers looking for city living are typically interested in neighborhoods that exemplify five things:

  • Culture: Access to culturally enriching events, exhibits and activities
  • Safety: The general safety and security of a neighborhood
  • Walkability: Easy to navigate by foot and/or access public transportation
  • nightlife: Different and unique bars, restaurants, clubs, events etc.
  • Value:  Property values will rise for the foreseeable future

Any neighborhood defined as one of the “best places to live in Philadelphia” would excel in all five of these categories, but the importance of each category would depend on the individual. For instance, if value and safety is more important to you then culture and nightlife, perhaps a tight-knit South Philadelphia neighborhood like Pennsport makes the most sense for you (Pennsport is generally safe and family friendly, plus you can easily access the historic sites and restaurants of Old City and Center City).

So, with the rules all laid out, here’s two Philadelphia neighborhoods and how they rank amongst the best places to live in Philadelphia (ranked on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best):

 Northern Liberties:

  • Culture: 9/10: NoLibs is home to several galleries, plus annual events, festivals and  concerts.
  • safety: 6/10: Generally pretty safe but you’ll still be dealing with many common issues you’d find in any city.
  • Walkability: 10/10:  A huge supermarket, liquor store, parks and tons of bars and restaurants are all within a 5-10 block radius. Plus a train stop at 2nd and Spring Garden provides easy access to Center City.
  • Nightlife: 9/10: With so many restaurants and bars nearby, NoLibs has one of the most active nightlife’s of any Philadelphia neighborhood.
  • Value: 9/10: Property values have risen for the past ten years. And new construction and rehabbed homes in Northern Liberties indicate that homeowners are investing in the area.

Final Score:  8.6/10

Fairmount/Art Museum Area

  •  Culture: 10/10: The aptly named “Art Museum Area” is home to several museums, including the world-class Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • safety: 8/10: Fairmount is popular with empty nesters and families thanks to its relative safety.
  • Walkability: 7/10: Although restaurants and cultural/historic attractions are within walking distance, the lack of a supermarket brings down Fairmount’s walkability score. Fairmount does not have a train stop but downtown Philly is accessable by bus.
  • Nightlife: 7/10: Fairmount’s restaurant scene is currently booming, and there are plenty of fun bars but it’s not necessarily a “party” neighborhood, nor does it have an extremely active nightlife.
  • Value: 9/10: Home prices in Fairmount are amongst the highest in Philadelphia and those values will most likely remain consistent.

Final Score:  8.2/10

Check back tomorrow when we rank Graduate Hospital, Queen Village and University City amongst the best places to live in Philadelphia!

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